Children's Educational Materials


The Mosaic Children's Educational Program engages elementary-aged children and features several items that can be used by churches, clubs and organizations, schools, other groups and individuals. The materials feature Duncan the Duck, Mosaic's lovable mascot. The items can be used individually or together as best fits your needs.

"Duncan's New Neighbors" DVD tells the story of Jacob, Matt and Monie, Duncan's friends who have disabilities. The live action/animation video teaches respect for and awareness of people with disabilities to children.

View "Duncan's New Neighbors."

The "Duncan Goes Exploring" coloring and activity book is a companion to the video, as is the 20-day disabilities awareness calendar of activities for children to do at home with family members.

For church use, there is also a four-week Bible study available complete with lesson plans and resources. The Bible study incorporates the coloring book, DVD story and Mosaic's Duncan collection bank.

Adding the use of the collection bank helps teach charity, as the funds go directly to help people with disabilities. A smaller coloring book, "Duncan Makes a Friend" is a great tool for public school use as a stand-alone handout with the DVD story.

These items are all available free from Mosaic. You may download the coloring books, Bible study and 20-day awareness calendars here.

You may order pre-printed materials by using our Order Form.

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Donate to help Distribute Children's materials

These items are made available free of charge. You can help Mosaic continue providing educational materials by giving here or sending donations to:

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