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Zion Chapel at Mosaic at Bethphage Village

Mosaic provides a life of possibilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. We help people define their own happiness. We support them and empower the pursuit of their goals. We celebrate their successes, even if that success is as simple as the pursuit itself.

More than nine decades ago, children and adults with intellectual disabilities often endured abuse and abandonment in large institutions. In response to the isolation they faced, the Rev. K.G. William Dahl, a Lutheran pastor, founded Bethphage near Axtell, NE, in 1913.

Bethphage soon became known as the "miracle of the prairie" for its dedication to helping people with disabilities grow toward independence. This rich heritage of supporting and advocating for people with disabilities grew further on July 1, 2003, with the founding of Mosaic, the consolidation of Bethphage and Martin Luther Homes.

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Mosaic School

Mosaic School in Axtell, Neb., offers an educational program that emphasizes functional academics, pre-vocational skills, communication/speech, social skills, sensory integration, and community activities. Occupational and physical therapy services are also included in the curriculum as needed per individual student.

Mosaic at Bethphage Village Retreat Program

Bethphage Village maintains two fully-equipped retreat centers. Retreat participants, through hand-on experiences, learn about Mosaic's services and become knowledgeable advocates for people with disabilities.

Nature's Mosaic

Visitors are treated to an 80-acre natural prairie wonderland. It provides fully accessible hiking trails, fishing, picnicking and the opportunity to observe prairie wildlife, plants, fish, insects and the  migration of waterfowl each Spring and Fall.

Campbell's Labels for Education


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Country Music Dream Come True

Carol Douglas and Leslie Easterbrook

Dave Harmon, a District Sales Consultant for Cash-WA, simply wanted to share the opportunity for someone to see a great concert when he presented Mosaic in Axtell with two ticket to an upcoming performance at the Merryman Performing Arts Center in Kearney. Little did he know that he would be making a wish come true for someone.

Carol Douglas had resolved that she would attend a concert at that location this year. When she was given the ticket she was elated. Carol had an additional surprise when she found out that one of the performers was Bill Ganz. a member of the Bill Ganz Western Band and one of Carol's favorites. In addition to Ganz, Carol also got to see Leslie Easterbrook. Easterbrook has starred in over 60 television shows and a large variety of plays and musicals, both on Broadway and regional theaters all around the country.

"Carol really enjoyed the wonderful music, seeing the Merryman Center for the first time and being a able to meet both of the stars of the evening," said Midge Carlson, who accompanied Carol.

Many times our goals in life can only be accomplished through the generosity of others. Carol's goal to connect with people in the community was achieved by one man's generosity. She is very thankful for his gift and very grateful for the friendship of Midge, who helped in many ways to make the night a success.

meet one of our residents

Nima J., who arrived at Mosaic at Axtell in 2008, is 15 and attends our Mosaic School. When she first came to Mosaic, her mother said that Nima was interested in sewing and that she had a sewing machine.

As goals for Nima were established, Nima wanted to continue that interest. For a number of years, staff at Mosaic have had a quilt club, which meets every Saturday. One of the members of this club is Nima's teacher, Kathy Maxon.

Nima was invited to attend a meeting and last year became a regular member. She has been given assistance with her first quilts, but as she goes along she is getting more independent. She is very determined. Her first goal was to complete the quilt shown, but she has plans to make several baby quilts, which she wants to present to a number of staff friends here at Mosaic in Axtell.

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