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Possibilities are the stock-in-trade at Mosaic. 

Whether it is for the people we serve, our employees, donors, volunteers or the communities we're in, we want to make new possibilities come to life.

We're optimists at heart, believing that something good is always right around the corner. 

We also believe that our mission is a shared mission; we're in this together with the people we serve, their families, our donors and volunteers, and the communities we're in. 

It is a crowd-sourced mission!  So join in.  Be a part of Mosaic possibilities.


Donna Werner and Raul Saldivar

Vivid memories highlight the careers of Raul Saldivar and Donna Werner, senior leaders at Mosaic who are retiring at the end of the year.

Both Raul and Donna had many notable career achievements.  Raul was a Mosaic pinch-hitter, taking on many roles over the years, including time as Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Operating Officer.  Donna led Mosaic’s quality drive that brought the first-ever network certification, was an integral part...Read more

Floice Meyers smiles at the camera.

Today's flashback friday features Floice Meyers, who has worked for Mosaic in Beatrice for nearly 5 decades.

After her first day working at Martin Luther Home in Beatrice, Floice Meyers went home and cried.

The woman who was training her encouraged her to try it for a week.

“She said, ‘just hang in there, you’ll love it.’ And I did.”

Forty-five plus years later, Meyers still loves...Read more

“Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel, shall come to you, O Israel!”

“I get more than I give.”  

I could not count the number of times I’ve heard that from direct support workers at Mosaic.  They are the front line, the face of Mosaic, serving people in 10 states across the country.

“I get more than I give.”  

For those of us in churches that follow a calendar of church seasons, we’re in Advent.  It is a season of hope, a season of anticipation, a season of...Read more

The Lind Center in the early morning.

The Lind Center is Mosaic’s national headquarters in Omaha, Neb. Originally built as Bethphage’s headquarters, it was dedicated Jan. 25, 1992. The building is modeled after the design chosen by the Rev. K.G. William Dahl for Bethphage Mission in 1916. Construction began in 1991, making this year the building's 25th anniversary.

The Lind Center is named in honor of Svante and Anna Kajsa Lind, Swedish immigrants who settled in Phelps County in 1879, not far...Read more

Giving Tuesday Results: $39,325

Simply amazing.

On Nov. 29 donors gave a whopping $39,325 to support the needs, goals and dreams of the people we support with intellectual disabilities around the globe. This nearly doubled our initial goal of $20,000 in one day.

We're honored by your commitment to the people we serve. 

Thank you!

Learn more about Giving Tuesday here....Read more

Dream Big

What’s the last thing you think of before you fall asleep?

For the last 15 years, Dawn's last thought has been Jason.

Dawn and Jason met at a Mosaic-run day center. “He thought that I was pretty,” Dawn says with a smile.

It wasn't long before the couple started dreaming about what a life together would look like. 

After a few years of dating, Dawn moved closer to Jason so they could learn more about what they wanted together....Read more

It is easy to be grateful when things go your way, when you hit success, when you win. It's different when you hit roadblocks, when you fail, when you lose. This Thanksgiving, I'm saying thanks for both.Read more

Donald Grundahl smiels at the camera.

In Mosaic’s month of gratitude, we are thankful for the many donors who have generously supported the mssion.  This story originally appeared in Mosaic’s magazine seven years ago.  I was able to meet Donald Grundahl once before he died and, even weak and approaching death, he was kind in word and ready to laugh.

Donald Grundahl lived a simple life as a Minnesota farmer and once wrote that he tried to pattern his life after the quote...Read more

Celebrating One Year: mosaicpossible.org

One of the things our President and CEO Linda Timmons often says is that Mosaic is a good news story in a bad news world.  At Mosaic we believe that our success is in our stories: the stories of the people we serve and those who love and support them.

Over the last year, we’ve shared a lot of good news. Stories about people like Jim and Scott, a host home provider and person in service...Read more

DJ poses in front of a promotional sign at work.

Carolyn Doughty always knew that her son DJ would push the limits. 

“He’s always been a go-getter,” she said. 

But when you live in a high-crime, big-city neighborhood where your son is threatened with violence and taken advantage of because of his disability, your fears for his health and safety rise to a different level. 

DJ struggled as a child in Chicago but always found his way. He graduated from high school and...Read more