Thursday, June 29, 2017
Mosaic in Pontiac

In my 25 years of working in human services in Illinois, I have seen many changes. Many of those changes have improved the quality of life for people with disabilities. I have also worked through many challenges in our state’s service system and cannot recall another time like this, where providers have faced such difficulties.

A lack of adequate funding, staff shortages, and a broken state system have made the traditional way of providing services almost impossible. Because of this, I believe providers must innovate and solve more and more complex problems to continue to provide quality care. Agencies need to have a clear vision for the services they provide that focuses on quality and sustainability. 

Mosaic’s vision is both innovative and bold. We will challenge the definitions of community-based living and inclusion. We will strive to continue building and strengthening partnerships and connections within our communities to provide individuals with access to housing, jobs and activities of their choice.

I envision individuals living as independently as possible within our community. These individuals will be given the necessary tools and skills to access their community. I also envision that each individual will have at least one caring and lasting relationship with a person who is not disabled, not their family and not a paid caregiver. 

Although this vision is reachable, Mosaic cannot accomplish this alone. Funding for programs to support individuals and their families continues to shrink, while costs for operating programs continue to grow and the demand for our services continue to increase.

This being said, community help is critical for us to realize this vision. Support from our donors and friends will allow us to not only survive the current economic struggles, but provide the resources for Mosaic to continue to innovate and grow.

Our continued partnership with our donors, friends, and volunteers will ensure that Mosaic will remain a stable and progressive provider of services and supports for people with disabilities and their families.

Jeff Nelson
Executive Director, Mosaic in Pontiac