Mosaic breaks ground on new home in Omaha

Mosaic broke ground July 13 on new construction of a six-bedroom home in the Stoneybrook neighborhood of Omaha at 5806 S. 147th St. The home is the first of four to be built in Omaha, and of 11 to be built across the state that will fill a critical need for expanded community-based living options for people with developmental disabilities who currently are residents of the Beatrice State Developmental Center.

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Mosaic announces expansion plans in Nebraska

Mosaic announced plans to build 11 new homes for 66 people to move from the state-run Beatrice State Developmental Center (BSDC) to community programs in Nebraska.

BSDC is threatened with a loss of federal funds due to decertification and part of the strategy to regain certification includes having fewer residents at the facility. A recent decision by state officials also moved medically fragile residents from BSDC to hospitals in several Nebraska communities.

Mosaic's partnership was hailed by John Wyvill, director of the Nebraska Division of Developmental Disabilities.

"Mosaic has stepped up to help develop these critical residential community services," he said.

Linda Timmons, Mosaic President and CEO, called the expansion "good for people with disabilities and good for the State of Nebraska."

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Woman finds happy home at Mosaic

Melanie Johnson (center) with mom Deb Ruda (right) and Mosaic staff member Rhea Metschke.

"I thought that was the only place there was for her," Deb Ruda said of her daughter, Melanie Johnson, who had lived at the Beatrice State Developmental Center for more than 23 years. But now, after four months of living in Mosaic community-based housing in Fremont, Ruda could not be more pleased. "I can see what she does every day. I feel like I am a lot more involved in her life."

Johnson's move from BSDC had been planned before the State of Nebraska moved medically fragile residents to area hospitals. Ruda said that because of her daughter's medical needs--Johnson is fed with a g-tube, breathes through a trach opening, and is prone to seizures--she was told that 24-hour nursing care was needed. At her Mosaic residence, Johnson health is monitored closely.

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Meaningful Days at Mosaic


Every day in communities across America, Mosaic is helping people do the things that bring meaning and joy to their lives. Whether it is helping  people find productive, enjoyable work, learn a new hobby, or pursue a myriad  of other dreams, Mosaic staff members work in partnership with people who  have disabilities to achieve their goals.

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Mosaic's Governmental Affairs Office has launched a new volunteer-based initiative called Mosaic Allied Voices (MAV). This effort is designed to assist our agencies in partnering with an organized group of community-based volunteers who will serve as advocates for and with individuals who have disabilities. Read more and become an advocate.

Mosaic is Standing Strong, Looking Ahead

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Mosaic's Mission

In partnership with people who have disabilities, Mosaic provides supports and advocates that all may realize God's gift of wholeness of life.


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