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Mosaic began providing service in the Liberal area in 1999 and currently services over 65 people. Nationally, Mosaic serves more than 3,500 people with disabilities through agencies in 13 states and nine foreign countries. In Kansas, programs are located in Ellsworth, Garden City, Kansas City, Winfield, and Liberal.

All services are centered on the core values of integrity, safety, respect and connection. An interdisciplinary team of family, staff, and professional consultant supports those served in the development of personal goals and programs. Mosaic's services are designed to achieve maximum normalization and independence in the community and address residential, recreational, social, religious, and personal strengths and needs.  

After years of testing his luck, Perry scratches off a winner

Perry streaming his favorite tunes from his new stereo.

Perry Eatmon has been receiving services from Mosaic in Liberal, Kansas since 2001. He is in his 70s and has been playing the scratch tickets for the Kansas lottery for years. He says he spends about $5 a week on $1 scratch tickets. He's won, $100, $50, $20, $10, $5 and FREE tickets, and now the grand daddy of $5,000!

Perry's staff immediately began to take an inventory on his needs and wants, evaluating the best way to spend his earnings without harming the services and resources he requires to live his life. In his small house where he has lived for several years, he will take you around to show off a brand new living room set, a marble dining room set, flat screen television, decorative plant, pictures for the walls, new bed, mattress, bedding, shower curtain, towels, belt, shoes and four new pairs of jeans!

However, the most important item added to Perry's life is his stereo. Crisp classic sounds of Ray Charles, Charlie Price and Elvis, Perry's favorite artists, stream from the speakers as he cuts a rug to the music in his new living room.

can you zumba?

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Alma Hernandez from SW Fitness and Racquetball in Liberal comes out to the Mosaic workshop from 9 -- 10 a.m. and teaches people receiving services Zumba. It's exciting to see the participants anticipating her arrival, ready to Zumba!


Alma instructs Zumba Gold, which is a beginner's course and course for people with special needs, as well as a more advanced class all week at SW Fitness and Racquetball. If you are interested in Zumba, call 620.624.5335. Come out to the workshop on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 -- 10 a.m. and Zumba with us!


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musical ministries

Every other Wednesday from 10 -- 11 a.m., the First Baptist
Church of Liberal comes out to minister to people receiving
services by playing music and singing songs of faith. This is
monumental to the people receiving services from Mosaic
and means so much to their hearts.

Mosaic's mission statement reads, "Embracing God's call to serve in the world, Mosaic advocates for people with intellectual disabilities and provides opportunities for them to enjoy a full life." Jeremy Durig and his group who ministers through music have joined in Mosaic's mission and are creating a life of possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Please feel free to come out and join us on the days the ministry delivers its message.

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