The dreams, interests, and needs of the individuals we serve are important to us.  At Mosaic, we will help identify the best services to reach those dreams, satisfy those interests, and meet those needs.  Mosaic in Omaha provides the following supports:

  • Mosaic Assisted Day Services Program - Provides structured supervision and training in a day "work like" setting often referred to as the vocational center or sheltered workshop, but may be provided in any setting where staff are on-site and available when the individual served is present.
  • Mosaic Assisted Residential Service - Provides "home like" structured supervision, evaluation, and training, independent living and social/recreational skills as prescribed by an Individual Program Plan (IPP).  Staff is available to provide 24-hour supervision and training if needed.  Assisted services may be delivered in agency-operated facilities, Host Homes, or client-leased settings.
  • Mosaic Host Home Services - An assisted residential program that provides individuals with a stable home environment.  Those who use Mosaic's services will become members of a host family, allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits of family living while continuing habilitation and personal growth with services from Mosaic.
  • Mosaic Supported Day Service Program - Provides structured supervision and training, typically in community and/or competitive employment settings, but also in settings such as enclaves and work stations.  Individuals in this program  will receive intermittent supervision and training and will not be required to have staff present or on-site at all times.
  • Mosaic Supported Residential Service Program - Offers intermittent services to maintain or increase independent living skills.  The amount of supervision, support, or training is guided by an Interdisciplinary Team and is documented in the Individiual Program Plan.  Typically, individuals are eligible for Supported Residential Services if they do not require staffing 24 hours a day, 7 days-a-week.
For additional information on our supports and how to receive them, please contact us.