Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Mosaic in Axtell

In June 2013, a Staff Appreciation Committee was formed at Mosaic in Axtell, consisting of two direct support managers, a medical assistant, a nurse and a representative from each home. Once a month the committee met to brainstorm ideas to show staff how much they are appreciated for the outstanding work they do.
Over the past year they planned the following “acts of appreciation”:

  • August 2013: A pizza break, which offered Direct Support Associates a hour-long paid break with pizza and soda while members of the committee and the core staff assisted in the daily routine for the residents.
  • December 2013: Human Resources hosted an open house with many different types of food and gifts for all to enjoy. Staff received a grocery certificate for a turkey, ham, or pizza and a pie. It was a wonderful way to enjoy a “merry” party.
  • January 2014: Committee members delivered sacks of goodies to each staff. The bags held a candy bar and a mood bracelet inscribed with “Thanks for all you do!” This came at just the right time after the busy holiday season.
  • February 2014: Subway sandwiches, chips and soda were delivered to the break room areas for all staff to enjoy during their daily break.
  • March 2014: Each staff was given a green camouflage key ring inscribed with the words “HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.”  The green kept a lot of staff from being pinched on St. Patrick’s Day!
  • July 2014: Every staff member was given a fantastic patriotic package containing fireworks and picnic food for their family. A local vendor purchased the fireworks for the staff members, thanks to Linda Fecht who approached the vendor. 

The Staff Appreciation Committee would like to thank Debbie Herbel, Executive Director, for believing in the committee and allowing them to go through with all of our crazy ideas. They also thank all the wonderful staff at Mosaic in Axtell.
“Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.” - unknown 
Staff Appreciation Committee members: Jamie Sloggett, Direct Support Manager; Crystal Johnson, Direct Support Specialist; Joan Keen, Direct Support Specialist;  Julia Day; Anthony VanPool; Carey Chism; Karri Richards; Bryan Fetterolf; Jody Niles, Nurse; and Peg Kuhn, Medical Assistant.