Mosaic provides a life of possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities. We help people define their own happiness. We support them and empower the pursuit of their goals. We celebrate their successes, even if that success is as simple as the pursuit itself.

More than 100 years ago, children and adults with intellectual disabilities often endured abuse and abandonment in large institutions. In response to the isolation they faced, the Rev. K.G. William Dahl, a Lutheran pastor, founded Bethphage near Axtell, NE, in 1913.

Bethphage soon became known as the "miracle of the prairie" for its dedication to helping people with disabilities grow toward independence. This rich heritage of supporting and advocating for people with disabilities grew further on July 1, 2003, with the founding of Mosaic, the consolidation of Bethphage and Martin Luther Homes.

Mosaic School

Mosaic School in Axtell, Neb., offers an educational program that emphasizes functional academics, pre-vocational skills, communication/speech, social skills, sensory integration, and community activities. Occupational and physical therapy services are also included in the curriculum as needed per individual student.

Mosaic at Bethphage Village Retreat Program

Bethphage Village maintains a fully-equipped retreat center. Retreat participants, through hand-on experiences, learn about Mosaic's services and become knowledgeable advocates for people with disabilities.

To leare more about Mosaic in Axtell, attend a Discover the Possibilities event or contact us.