Mosaic in Beatrice partners with people with intellectual disabilities to provide a meaningful life in a caring community, giving a voice to their needs.

Mosaic in Beatrice provides the following supports:

Mosaic offers a wide array of supports to best accommodate the individual needs of each person. At Mosaic we believe each person to be capable of growth, development, and learning when exposed to appropriate opportunities.

  • Residential Services - Services range from assisted 24-hour awake supervision to intermittent supports for people living in their own apartments. There is also 24-hour awake supervision at the ICF/ID locations.

  • Mosaic Host Home Services - An assisted residential program that provides people with a stable home environment. Those who use Mosaic's services will become members of a host family, allowing people to enjoy the benefits of family living while continuing habilitation and personal growth with services from Mosaic. 

  • Day Services - Services include supports for people who are competitively employed, as well as people developing vocational skills as part of a supervised enclave in the community or those who attend and perform work at a work center setting. Everyone earns a commensurate wage for the work they perform.

  • Professional Services - Services include case management, nursing, nutrition/dietary, behavior support, speech/hearing, spiritual ministry, physical and occupational therapy consultation and others as needed.

  • Recreational Opportunities - Every effort is made to assure people get the opportunity to participate in activities they value. Mosaic supports people to access recreational and leisure activities including a vast variety of community resources such as museums, plays, sporting events, festivals, parades and other community events.

  • Spiritual Opportunities - Opportunities for worship and attending religious services are available to everyone. Mosaic strives to work with all religions to promote inclusion within various faith communities.

  • Mosaic Allied Voices - Mosaic Allied Voices (MAV) volunteers are advocates who help promote public awareness of disability issues, to advocate for equality, and to advance sustainable strategies that shape public policy.

  • Self-advocacy - We help people learn to know their rights and responsibilities. People can learn about themselves and their strengths and weaknesses. People learn to communicate their preferences and needs and to exercise their rights.

  • Communication Therapy - We offer services to help improve language functions and stimulates listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Communication therapy helps people to communicate with those around them and helps people express themselves.

  • Adaptive Devices - These devices assist people with completing activities of daily living. Assistive devices can help a person with mobility, reach, communication, hearing, grooming and other daily living skills. These devices help a person to be more independent in doing things on their own rather than depending on others to assist them.

For more information on our services or how to receive them, attend a Discover the Possibilities event or contact us.

Mosaic in Beatrice operates a transit program exclusive to the clientele of a center for persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities located in Beatrice. As a condition of receiving Federal financial assistance to operate these services, the agency ensures that its programs, policies, and activities comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.  Read more.  To file a complaint regarding this service, please use these forms: English, Spanish