Monday, August 21, 2017
Mosaic in Northern Iowa

Mosaic envisions a world where people with intellectual disabilities thrive as valued participants in their communities. To help make this happen, a group of volunteers called Mosaic Allied Voices promotes public awareness of disability issues and advocates for equality and public policy that serves people with intellectual disabilities. 

To be a MAV volunteer, all you need is an email address! 

What is a MAV Volunteer?

MAV advocates contact elected officials in response to alerts from Mosaic’s Government Relations office. The alerts are about specific issues relating to people with intellectual disabilities. They contain brief, specific information about the issue, asking the MAV volunteer to call or send an email to the appropriate senator or representative. The alert even offers a suggested message to use if volunteers are uncertain of what to say.  The time commitment is minimal. Every MAV advocate needs an email account to receive alerts. The most important aspect of being a MAV advocate is the timeliness of the response. Legislative action is sometimes quick, and action alerts may ask for an immediate response.

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