Blaise horseback riding.
Blaise with Mosaic staff.
Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Mosaic in Northeast Nebraska

By Sheila Lindemoen, Blaise’s Mom

Mosaic has been a godsend for Blaise and our family.

In 2006, Blaise started going to day services a couple times each week so he could transition smoothly when he was done with school. Blaise is not the type of person that takes to change well, so the transition phase was great for him.

When he was done with school, Mosaic met me halfway between Norfolk and Randolph three days a week for a year and a half. Finally, funding through the state became available and Blaise moved to a Mosaic group home. He now lives with Erin, his Mosaic at Home provider.

With the support of Mosaic, Blaise gets to interact with lifelong friends and go out to do things in the community. He leads a life that any of us would want to have.

The staff at Mosaic help Blaise take care of himself and where he lives as if he were living alone. This is really important to Allan and me because we want him to be a good citizen and take care of the things that he has been given.

At day services, Blaise has a pretty consistent routine which helps curb his behaviors and allows him to have stability in his life. He’s not a morning person so he works on the computer for about 30 minutes each morning so he can have some quiet time.

Wonderful things have happened for Blaise since transitioning to Mosaic. He goes swimming twice a week, horseback riding once a week and has a paper route on Wednesdays with the Norfolk Area Shopper.

Kayla, Blaise’s day services manager, says he’s so meticulous in everything he does, especially his paper route. Blaise will take the paper and set it perfectly in front of every door. He’s a very hard worker and always wants to make sure his work is done well.

Blaise, his amazing direct support staff London, and Mosaic at Home provider Erin have worked hard these last few months. He was unhappy, overweight and unable to participate in his favorite activity: horseback riding.

After dropping almost 40 pounds and focusing on his overall happiness, London and Erin have helped Blaise return to his old self. He’s eating healthier, willing to try new things, his swollen ankles are a thing of the past, and since May of this year, he’s been riding again.

Overall, Blaise is a happier, lighter and more energetic person. This newfound acceptance of change is all because Blaise is feeling better and living a healthier life.

Mosaic gives Blaise a way of giving back to the community and makes us feel like he has a routine and purpose for his days.