Annual Health Screenings

Health is a human right, no matter where in the world you live. But for people with disabilities in Tanzania, accessing health care is often easier said than done.

Poor road infrastructure and inaccessible transit make it challenging for people with disabilities to reach the hospital. Many people with visible disabilities are not registered at birth and have no birth certificate, which is a requirement to enroll in the government’s national health insurance plan....Read more

Carol in Moshi

Mosaic International led a Discovery Trip to Moshi, Tanzania from July 24 to Aug. 8. Trip participants had the opportunity to build relationships with the children and young adults served by our in-country partner Building a Caring Community.

By Carol Stoltenberg

I am a relative newcomer to Mosaic, but from the first pictures I saw of the children in...Read more

In Mosaic’s international program, often our greatest needs are also the most basic. It’s one of the mental and emotional challenges of doing international development work. How is it that getting basic nutrition and clean water can be so hard? Yet achieving these goals makes such a deep impact and sets the foundation for all our other work.

There is a 12-year-old girl that attends one of Building a Caring Community (BCC)’s day centers. She has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. She has a...Read more

School in Moshi

This past month, Mosaic International staff attended three conferences on international development and disability rights.

It’s been both affirming and inspiring to see momentum in the disability rights movement and the increased understanding of the need for disability inclusion in broader humanitarian and development work.

At the Core Group’s Annual Global Health Practitioner Conference panelists and participants...Read more

Parent group

Parenting a child with a disability in Tanzania can be an isolating and exhausting experience.

Mosaic International is working to change that.

Parents of children with disabilities face many types of discrimination. Often times, children with intellectual disabilities are denied entry into local schools. Because parents are usually unable to find someone who can care for their child, they often are unable to work or have to work in industries that cut off...Read more

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Have you ever noticed how most people speak about Africa differently than they do other continents? People don’t say “I’m going to Europe” when they’re planning a week’s vacation in France, or “How long did you live in Asia?” when someone lived abroad in China. Instead, they name the country itself.

However, when speaking about anywhere in Africa, people generally refer to the entire continent. It’s rare that countries or cities get singled out. Rather than “a...Read more


While there are many challenges that come with providing services to people with intellectual disabilities, there are also many success stories that propel our mission forward.

One success story we recently lifted up at Mosaic International’s Partners in Possibilities event is that of three-year-old Josua.

When Josua’s mother first learned about Building a Caring Community (BCC) in 2015, the centre in their home neighborhood of Msaranga was already at capacity and unable to...Read more

UNO game

For many children and young adults with intellectual disabilities in Tanzania, opportunities to interact and form meaningful relationships with their peers without disabilities are few and far between.

But the staff at Building a Caring Community (BCC) are working to change that.

They’ve recently begun to build a partnership with KIWOCE, a local community-based organization for young adults, which will provide people served an...Read more

decorating water bottles in Moshi

As I walk to the Building a Caring Community (BCC) office every morning, I pass through the largest roundabout in town, which connects Moshi to its neighboring city, Arusha, and Tanzania’s capital, Dar-es-Salaam.

With the absence of formal road names in much of the city (and the country), every roundabout in Moshi has some sort of statue, monument or other notable item in its center that serves as the informal name of the roundabout when...Read more

Sayuni's custom-made wheelchair enables her to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with her friends Elias, Neema, and James!

To get to Building a Caring Community’s Pasua Center, you turn off a paved road from town, drive over a set of railway tracks and begin a long descent down a steep and unpaved path. Boulders litter the path like landmines, rendering the ability to swerve at just the right moment into an art form. To say the drive is bumpy is an understatement, and unfortunately, this...Read more


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