Advent and Hope

Maybe Mosaic should have been named Advent.

Advent is a season of hope, a season ripe with possibilities. Mosaic has a mission of hope, bringing possibilities to life.

Hope is the promise of an assured good. It’s not a wish, or a want – it is a promise from God. The hope of Advent is the coming of a savior in glory. We anticipate that by celebrating his coming in humility as a baby.

We wait in hope.

At Mosaic, we act in hope because we see possibilities, not disabilities.

Many times I’ve witnessed direct support associates go through the same action repeatedly, thinking each time, ‘This time, they’ll get it.’

Many times I’ve heard a direct support associate advocate for someone to do something new, and then watch with a mix of pride and concern as they try.

Many times I’ve seen families amazed at what their loved one can do with the support and encouragement Mosaic staff members offer.

That’s living hope, a hope that sees possibilities.

This is a message the world needs to hear, not just in Advent, but always. World events want to shatter that hope and bring fear. Instead, we need to replace people’s fear with hope.

Several years ago, Mosaic built a bell tower at our national office. The tower was to be named in honor of the Rev. Reuben and Darlene Swanson, a couple who were long-time donors and friends of the mission. But, Pastor Swanson did not want that. Instead, he said, it should be named the Tower of Hope, in honor of Mosaic’s mission.

Good call, Pastor Swanson.

Hope is abundant as Mosaic. As we say in the introduction to this blog, “We’re optimists at heart, believing something good is always right around the corner.”


Thank you for the entry above about Advent/Hope.

Happy to write about Advent. It is a great season in the church year, waiting in hope!

Eloquent and moving as always, Randy! Thank you for sharing this beautiful message!

Thank you for your kind words, Sarah. And thanks for what you do to share the mission.

Thank you Randy. Mosaic, a Tower of Hope built on the sure foundation of Jesus, our Savior born in Bethlehem!

I'll say, 'amen, Alice!' All of Mosaic's founders acted on that certainty of faith to build this ministry.

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