A Career Filled with Service and Friendship

Lynda Ogden

Lynda Ogden, a 20-plus year employee at Mosaic, said she can’t imagine “being anywhere else or doing anything else.”

Lucky for Mosaic.

As a Program Training and Development Director, Lynda has traveled to all but two locations where Mosaic serves and is a familiar face for training and facilitating meetings. She is also a familiar laugh and smile in those settings – if you know Lynda, it is hard to imagine her without a grin on her face.

“I love being able to touch a life and I always hope that I can leave each person in a better place,” she said. “I love the variety of what I do, the places I go and the people I meet.”

Lynda’s career working with people with disabilities began when she became a teacher’s aide in special education in 1980. Immediately, she “fell in love” with the children and having the opportunity to help them grow and become more independent.

She quickly moved on to working as a day services coordinator. Always up for a challenge, it wasn’t long before she started working in training when she was asked to provide supports for a 60-bed ICF-MR. In 1988 she became an executive director and six years later, moved to Nebraska and started with Martin Luther Homes as a program training specialist.

“I continue to say that I have the best job in the organization,” Lynda said. “I have had so many opportunities to work with people across the country, and I have made such good friends over the years.”

The job also helped her learn to be ‘friends’ with herself. The extensive travel away from her family and dogs, coupled with the alone time, has prompted her to learn a lot about herself.

“I have found that I like spending time with myself. I had to grow into that.”

The driving force for Lynda after nearly 40 years in this field is the same as it was when she started:

“I came because I loved the people I worked with and I stay because I still love the people I work with,” she said. “I only hope that I have been able to give half as much as I have received over the 20-plus years that I have worked here.” 

This the first in a series of posts highlighting the work that Mosaic employees do to bring our mission to life. 


I enjoy reading your article. Stay Blessed!!!

Thank you, Jill!

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