Celebrating Mosaic's Veterans

Thank you for your service.

There is a common theme between people who have served the United States in the armed forces and people who serve at Mosaic.  (The words in that sentence should give you a hint about the theme!) 


Those who do either of them well share some common traits:

  • They see a purpose in life that is bigger than themselves.
  • They find reward in giving of themselves for a greater good.
  • They understand figuratively and, sometimes, literally what it means to lay down one’s life for another.

But there is also a difference between the two groups.  Those who have served in the United States armed forces throughout our nation’s history have made it possible for others to serve here at home in freedom.

For that I am grateful.

People served by Mosaic have expressed their gratitude as well.  Over the last several years, as our country has been engaged in military actions around the world, people at several Mosaic agencies have created care packages to send to active duty military men and women. 

Veterans also number among our employees at Mosaic.  They serve in direct care, administrative and leadership roles.  But they don’t advertise it, or seek attention because of it. 

They just continue to serve.  In a different way.

In our continuing month of gratitude, today let’s raise up the veterans who have served to keep us free as together we continue the work to form a more perfect union.

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