Celebrating the Wonder of Christmas

A young boy served by Martin Luther Homes looks at a nativity scene. This photo is from the 1970s. Martin Luther Homes joined with Bethphage to become Mosaic in 2003.“I wonder as I wander out under the sky, How Jesus the Savior did come for to die.”

-- from I Wonder as I Wander by John Jacob Niles

When I get an opportunity to hold a newborn, I am entranced with wonder.  There is a sense of awe as I reflect upon the magnificent fragility of this small bundle of hope.  How important one can be made to feel simply by receiving a baby’s smile!

While the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus were most unusual, the feelings of Mary and Joseph were, no doubt, the feelings of any new parent: awe and wonder.   

It is a good thing that none of us ever really know what the future holds.  The Gospel of Luke tells us that Mary ‘pondered in her heart’ the things she heard about her newborn son;  love accepts that which it cannot understand.  

That is why the mission of Mosaic is so important.  When a child is born with a disability, parents often start to rethink their child’s imagined future.  But it doesn’t change the love they have for their child. 

We all wrap up so many dreams in our children; we want more for them than for ourselves.  Mosaic’s mission is to bring that wish to life for the families of people with disabilities.

Life isn’t measured by what one is not able to do.  We all would fall short in that measurement.  

A true measure of life is living to one’s fullest capabilities, realizing the possibilities that each of us hold, the possibilities that unfold over a lifetime.  Those are the possibilities we can never imagine for the babies we hold. 

Each life is a unique gift from God.  Each life is a treasure.

On this Christmas day, we at Mosaic celebrate the birth of Jesus.  It is a moment of awe, not just about his birth, but about the miracles, the compassion, the inspiring words, about his whole life – and death – which is the foundation of Mosaic’s ministry.

Merry Christmas.  

The photo comes from from Martin Luther Homes, a Mosaic legacy organization, circa 1970.

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