Dear Past, thanks for all the lessons.

 Dear Past, thanks for all the lessons. Dear Future, I am ready.


It is easy to be grateful when things go your way, when you hit success, when you win. It's different when you hit roadblocks, when you fail, when you lose.

This Thanksgiving, I'm saying thanks for both. Together, they've built the life I have – a life I love.

I once heard a life coach say, "Hurry up and fail!" It sounds counter-intuitive, but it means you're trying, you're doing something, you're pushing the boundaries.

You cannot succeed unless you try. And you cannot try unless you're willing to accept failure as a possible outcome.

Our tagline at Mosaic is "A life of possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities." We try to provide the people we serve with new experiences so that they can learn what's possible in their lives. Rarely does the fear of failure stop the people we serve from trying something new. Often, they're so excited about it, whether they succeed or fail is immaterial. The satisfaction is in the doing.

I am trying to emulate that.

The next time I bake a cake that looks nothing like the one on Pinterest I was trying to make, I'll remind myself that it is still delicious and I had fun trying.

When I was younger, I might not have been thankful for the failures. And I may have been too satisfied with success to see the downsides. As I've matured, the highs are not as high and the lows are not as low.

They are all part of this amazing life we are blessed with.

This Thanksgiving, I'll be approaching the holiday with a grateful heart, not just for the good things and successes, but for the challenges and failures as well. They have created the person I've become, created the life I've worked to build with my family, created the career I love.

Dear Past, thanks for all the lessons. Dear Future, I am ready.



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