Embracing God's Call to Serve in the World

When I talk about advocacy with employees, I talk about “big A” advocacy and ‘little a” advocacy.

“Big A” advocacy consists of the formal ways we advocate—writing to a Congress member, visiting with elected officials, pushing for policy and funding changes.

“Little a” advocacy consists of those daily acts of making sure someone’s voice is heard—asking what a person wants for dinner, reminding the doctor to speak to them and not about them, helping people make their own choices in the little things that make up daily life.

“Big A” advocacy helps the decision-makers understand the importance of this work and the need for adequate funding, but “little a” advocacy is what brings meaning and satisfaction to the lives of people with disabilities.

National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is all about “little a” advocacy. It is about respect, inclusion, dignity, and choice. It is about hopes and dreams, goals and desires, the people I know and the people who know me.

It is what thousands of direct support professionals and host home providers do every day to make life better for people with intellectual disabilities.

I’m happy to share a story of one of those people.

Bill Jenkins he has worked in direct care for nearly 30 years.

He has said that he knows this work is his calling.

Spend a few minutes with Bill and you’ll understand why.



Bill, thank you for following your calling in life, and being a blessing to others!

Bill I'm proud of you. Continue to serve and make a differnce in the lives of people that come acoss your path in life.God Bless!!!

Thanks Jill! We're honored to have you on our team as well!

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