Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

When we hear the word mother, each of us probably has a unique conception of what that means—nurture, laughter, care, education, healing, shelter, joy, protection, love and more.

My career at Mosaic has helped me to see another side of mothering: advocate. I have two children and throughout their lives I have always done everything I could to ensure they’re treated fairly and respectfully in all areas: education, healthcare, activities and more.

But many of the mothers I’ve met through Mosaic take advocacy to a new level. They are fierce advocates, formed through battles with schools, state officials, medical professionals and others.  They are tenacious fighters, a role they don’t seek yet must embrace for their child’s sake.

On this Mother’s Day, I applaud them in admiration.

Most of us who are mothers at some point get to say to our children, “I’ve given you a foundation, now it is your turn to finish building your life and take the lead.” We get to stand on the sidelines, watching and sharing what comes next.

But it is often different for mothers whose children have an intellectual disability. You never get to the point where you can stand on the sidelines. When your child needs help every day, sometimes even with the most minor things like eating or dressing, you either wear yourself out trying to help them, or you entrust them to someone else, hoping and praying their needs are met and they will be loved.

Mosaic is here as a partner.

We’ve recently begun a series of videos called Faces of Medicaid. Our goal is to show the true story of Medicaid and whom it helps. Medicaid is the primary funding source of services for people with disabilities. Today, Medicaid is threatened; the lives of people with disabilities are threatened.

The first two videos feature stories of mothers and sons sharing a powerful personal message. Both of these mothers, Janey and Judy, have fought long and hard to get the services their sons Chris and Jimmy need. Both are still fighting, even into their retirement years. Mosaic stands with them in that fight.

To all mothers who give of themselves for the good of their children, Happy Mother’s Day.

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