To Help Celebrate Bold Lives, We Call You to Discover. Volunteer. Advocate. Donate.

For people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, may they be embraced by communities to help them lead full, meaningful lives. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

As we continue to celebrate National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month this March, we call all of our friends and partners across the globe to: 

George Monger

George is no rookie when it comes to the grocery industry. In fact, he has worked for different grocery stores in Fort Collins for more than 22 years.

Currently, George works part-time for Whole Foods; he’s been employed there for 10 years. He enjoys his job and has nothing but nice things to say about the people he works with. 

Having a job gives George the opportunity to embrace his true passion, the ability to provide for himself. For many of us, this ability is often taken for granted.

George, however, understands how far he has come since he had an accident that left him with a severe brain injury many years ago, and takes nothing for granted.

Vanessa Luna

Before coming to Mosaic, Vanessa had big dreams, but no self-confidence. She wanted to graduate from college and work with children.

When she started at Mosaic in early 2014, she shared her dreams with the Mosaic team. It didn’t take long for her confidence to grow.

In August of 2014, Vanessa interviewed for a position at a daycare and got the job.

In 2015, she graduated from college with certificates in early childhood education and infant and toddler care.

By August of 2015, she had her dream job working for Denver Public Schools. She has since been promoted twice. 

Jonathan Mcharo

Before the Moshi center opened, Jonathan’s mother brought him everywhere with her, including to funerals. At a young age, Jonathan loved being around the pastors and being part of the service.

Although he cannot read, he carries a psalm book and a Bible to refer to when he prays.

According to his job coach, when Jonathan prays, “You can’t imagine that he is a person with a disability. If you don’t know him, you wouldn’t know that he isn’t a pastor. He likes to pray when we have visitors because he believes the visitors are a blessing.”

Jonathan recently graduated from the Young Adult Program, which gave him the skills to be an independent and successful adult, as well as the confidence to act on his faith.

Following graduation, he was hired to clean his parish, but the staff quickly promoted him to pastor’s assistant. Jonathan now accompanies the pastor to all of his meetings, joins him on home visits and says prayers for people who are sick.

Erin Prause

Erin Prause has spent the last couple years serving as the president of Dream Catchers, a self-advocacy group at Mosaic in Connecticut.

Her vibrant personality has always given her a platform to engage and advocate for others in the community who are dealing with intellectual disabilities.

Having recently retired from the role, Erin was looking for new ways to get involved in her community.

Supported by her family and Mosaic staff, Erin was asked by her local Senior Center to join their “Harvest Hoedown” production as an intern.

Not only was Erin able to perform at a local community center, but she was also part of an event at the Hospital for Special Care where she was able to bring a smile and a laugh to many around her, a gift that Erin gives generously.

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