Honoring Shirley Splittgerber

Shirley Splittgerber

“I figured that if there were things that needed doing I should be doing them. I tended to be involved where an extra hand was needed.”

Shirley Splittgerber has made craft items beyond count, helped refugees polish their English, chaired a non-profit, led committees, and set up and cleaned up more than her fair share of receptions and fundraisers as a ‘professional’ volunteer. And that’s just the start of what she could list.

That list includes Mosaic. She has helped out on volunteer weekends at Mosaic’s campus in Axtell, Neb. as a member of the Nebraska Synodical Women’s Organization. She also volunteers at Mosaic’s agency in Omaha. Serving on the fundraising team is an ongoing commitment which includes everything from event planning to making craft items as gifts.

A faithful donor and member of Mosaic’s Legacy Society, Shirley’s relationship with the organization goes back to childhood. 

“I was a little girl going to Sunday school with my offering tied in the corner of my handkerchief, knowing that the offering that day would go to Bethphage,” she said. “My parents were also very diligent in their service to the church. I grew up thinking that’s what you do with your life.”

But it was her experience as a young mother that cemented her devotion to Mosaic when her son contracted spinal meningitis at 15 months.

“I know how close we came to needing the services of a place like Bethphage/Mosaic and I feel obligated to help keep those services strong with my time and with my gifts,” she said.

For that, we are grateful. 

This story originally appeared in Mosaic's FY 2015 Annual Report. Read more here.

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