I owe him my entire ... career

This was posted a few months ago on Facebook by Blake West, a Direct Support Associate at Mosaic in Northern Colorado.  The person supported had been with Mosaic for many years and was moving to be with family in another state.  With Blake’s permission, it is shared here.

“So tonight is one of the most bittersweet moments in my life.... A client who I have served for about 5 years on and off is moving to a different state and it has me in tears because of how much I love this person. I thought when entering the field of special needs health care that I would have a lot to teach the people I served and boy was I wrong. I literally had no idea how to take care of another person much less help them personally grow as an adult.

“This special individual single-handedly shaped me into a professional care provider through trial and error. He showed me how to use love and compassion to help create an environment that was suitable for personal growth. This individual would melt my heart with some of the kindest words anyone has ever said to me and then the next minute he would have me peeing my pants because his sense of humor is just that good. :-)  I love this person with all my heart and I owe him my entire professional health care career. I am going to miss everything about our interactions but I am so excited that he gets to move to a state that makes this population a priority. I can't wait to help the next client that comes my way and can't wait for this person to help teach another health care provider about love and compassion.

“Ugghhhhh tears are flowing tonight. :-)”

Employees who bring their head and heart to work every day are invaluable.

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