I'm Just Glad to Be a Part of It

Part of Mosaic’s vision statement is: “We are passionate about services and partnerships that create meaningful lives in caring communities.”  We don’t limit ‘meaningful lives’ and ‘caring communities’ just to the people we serve.  

The story of Ella and Jay shows how broad that statement is.  Ella is a Mosaic at Home provider and Jay lives with her.  Both of their lives have been enriched by the relationship.

Ella was a direct support employee who was eager to make the transition to become a host home provider when the opportunity became available.  It didn’t happen overnight because she needed to find the right home in northern Colorado, where affordable housing is a challenge. 

But she was patient.  And persistent.  

Now Jay lives with her, and she provides services to him and one other gentleman.  She loves doing what she is doing.

When you talk with her, she shares the improvements that have happened in Jay’s life.  Things like how he is no longer afraid of strangers like he used to be.  Or how he has quit trying to hurt himself because he was afraid.  

She talks of what they do together – the simple daily things that make up a life.  He likes to play on the piano and, since he is blind, is very tactile, wanting to feel different textures and surfaces to experience the world around him.  

Ella also has a dream for their future.  Both Jay and the other gentleman love being outdoors and enjoy the yard and animals.  Her goal is to find a little acreage where they can grow crops and raise a few chickens together.

But what’s really good to hear from Ella?  She no longer questions what the purpose of her own life is.  She has found the life that gives her days meaning.  She no longer asks, “Is this all there is?”

Enjoy this video about Ella and Jay.  And learn more about Mosaic at Home here.

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