Mosaic at Home

Sometimes something in plain sight remains hidden.  

That is the case for Mosaic’s host home services.  For more than 20 years, we’ve provided host home services in locations across the country.  It is a relationship-based model where the person receiving services lives with the person providing services in their home.  They live pretty much like roommates or an extended family.  

That’s why host home services are hidden in plain sight.  Host homes don’t look like group homes with staff members coming and going; they look like any other home in the neighborhood, or any other apartment in the building. 

Host homes have proven to be highly successful, both for the person receiving services and the person providing services.  They often create long-term, caring relationships.

Mosaic is expanding our host home services and we’ve created a new host home brand called Mosaic at Home.  To help people understand how it works, we’ve created some videos that tell the stories of people receiving services and people providing services.  

In this first video, you’ll hear some Mosaic at Home providers talk about why they do what they do.  Like all direct support work, it takes the right kind of person to be a Mosaic at Home provider.  And, like many of our direct care professionals, we’ve got some pretty amazing people as Mosaic at Home providers.

You’ll hear more about Mosaic at Home in the coming weeks and months.  It’s not a new way of serving people, but it is becoming a more popular way of serving people.  When you listen to the stories, I think you’ll see why.

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