Our Constant Prayer

A young boy sits in a wicker chair.

Oct. 20 was the anniversary of the founding of Martin Luther Home, one of Mosaic’s legacy organizations.  The year was 1925 and several Lutheran pastors and church members met to discuss the need for a school for children with disabilities.  Their proposal was to create that school the deserted Martin Luther Academy in small Sterling, Nebraska.  They established the Martin Luther Home Society as the organization to run it.

Today’s flashback Friday reviews a publication by the Society a few years later.

 From a 1929 brochure: The Martin Luther Home, A Home and School for Lutheran Children Whose Minds Have Not Developed Normally*


 “First of all we offer them an abundance of Christian love. Whipping, slapping, even scolding is absolutely prohibited. Kindness is our watchword. There is a key to every child and that key must be found. Our children are punished, to be sure, but such punishment consists in withholding certain privileges. And we have had marvelous results. Polly would think it a calamity if she could not take part in the daily games; Bertha's heart would break if she were not allowed to help in the kitchen; George would be beside himself if he were not permitted to tend to the poultry.”

Included in the brochure was the 1929 fiscal report. It showed receipts of $8,403.57 and expenses of $8,122.37. After the report, it noted:

“We could have used much more. Many needed repairs were not made, much needed equipment was not purchased, many plans remained unfulfilled.  …Our constant prayer is, God, give us friends.”

*Of the 45 students at Martin Luther Home in 1929, five were non-Lutheran. 

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