Our Goal Since Our Founding

Happy New Year! 2017

There are three distinct periods that define Mosaic’s history.  The first began when the original campuses of Bethphage and Martin Luther Home were created as safe, inviting homes for people with disabilities. 

That period lasted through the late 1970s, when change came and people were beginning to move back into their home communities.  This marked the beginning of the second period in our history.  It was a dramatic change from the campus-based model we had known for decades and resulted in expansion across the United States.

The third period began in 2003, when Bethphage and Martin Luther Homes became Mosaic.  It came at just the right time; funding began to dwindle and the efficiencies gained made Mosaic a stronger organization.  We strengthened our focus on quality and became the first national organization to earn a network certification from The Council on Quality and Leadership.

Those three eras were marked by internal and external transformation.  As the organizations were evolving, so was the culture around us.  The worth inherent in people with disabilities – something we always knew – was beginning to be understood and valued by the greater society.

Today, we’re entering a new era.  It is marked by transformation as well, both within Mosaic and in the culture around us.

This new era will be marked by personalized services, which means finding ways to give people exactly what they want, not finding ways to fit them into what we offer.  For families whose children have come through a school system that made sure they were integrated and involved, this is an expectation. 

We agree.

Mosaic is transforming much of our residential service model and transitioning many people into host homes.  This service, known as Mosaic at Home, has been around for more than 20 years but is experiencing tremendous growth today as more people learn of its benefits. 

You can learn more about the success Mosaic at Home has seen here.

Mosaic at Home is just the first step.

We are working to create personalized services for every person we support.  We envision the future Mosaic to be an organization that creates and maintains networks of support for people as we help them connect with others in their communities.  Those networks will revolve around the goals and dreams of the individual served. 

It is an exciting time! 

Services for people with disabilities will only become better, just like in each of the previous transformations.  That means life gets better for people with disabilities, our goal since our founding.

We look forward to working towards this goal in 2017.

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