Pieces of Mosaic's history orbiting the earth


Astronaut Kjell Lindgren, great-grandson of Mosaic's founder, K.G. William Dahl. Photo courtesy of NASA

When he founded Mosaic (as Bethphage Mission) in 1913, the Rev. K.G. William Dahl probably could not have imagined travel into space – air flight itself was less than a decade old.  But more than a century later, two items associated with Mosaic’s history will spend six months on the International Space Station, taken there by Pastor Dahl’s great-grandson, , whose mission began in July 2015.

We were able to speak with Kjell -- he attended our centennial celebration in 2013.  He said that, all of his life, he has heard stories about his great-grandfather, who died in 1917 at age 34.  He also shares his first name, Kjell, the “K” in K.G. William, pronounced Chell. 

“It is a pretty unusual name and I've only met one other Kjell,” Dr. Lindgren said. “I am proud to share the story of my namesake.  I do feel a connection. I think that I was named after him to honor him in recognition of what he did at Bethphage.”

With his wife Kristi and three children, Kjell attended Mosaic’s Centennial Festival on the Mosaic at Bethpage Village campus in Axtell, Neb. in June 2013.  He later asked if there were a Bethphage memento that he could take with him when he launched on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Two items are part of his personal cargo but NASA rules do not allow the items to be identified to the public.

Lindgren holds great reverence for his great-grandfather and the legacy he created.

“He is almost a mythical figure to me,” Lindgren said.  “His work and what he has created almost made him seem larger than life.  I personally see him as a role model, somebody who has a servant’s heart that served God in a capacity to benefit the community.”

Follow Dr. Lindgren on Twitter to learn more about his mission and daily activities.


You rule Dr. Lindgren, I work for Mosaic thru a volunteer program with AARP. I feel proud just knowing we are linked with Mosaic and we are in outer space. As a total space nut I truly appreciate what you are doing. May the force be with you!!!

Hi Elisa! Thanks so much for your comment and for volunteering with Mosaic. We're honored to have both you and Dr. Lindgren as our mission partners! Live long and prosper!

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