Self-care Necessary to be There For Others

During a recent leadership conference, attendees were invited to write a prayer and insert it into a 'prayer wall' that remained out during the conference.


It comes naturally, right? Yet, sometimes we need to be reminded of how to breathe; slowly, calmly, focusing on the movement of air in and out of your body.

Yet with the rapid pace of change, we often forget the simplest things that can help lower our stress and become more calm.

At a recent conference, Mosaic leaders from across the country participated in mindfulness exercises at the end of each session. Each lesson taught ways to calm the mind and body—and to breathe.

Mosaic is on the cusp of change and recognizes that our employees need to take care of themselves, as well as the mission, to move forward successfully.

In our history, there were distinct eras, each followed by a time of transformation as a new era began. There is a clear pattern of shrinking windows of time in those eras before the next great change came.

The coming change—truly a transformation—is about providing fully personalized services for people with disabilities, ensuring sustainability, and maintaining a workforce that is values-led and mission-driven.

This past June, Mosaic introduced a strategic and operational plan, called 20/20, to facilitate the transformation. We are also equipping leaders who can make it happen.

The annual leadership conference is part education, part pep rally, and full Mosaic; it oozes pride in the work and commitment to the mission. This year’s theme was Forward with Focus.

Opening the event, Linda Timmons, Mosaic president and CEO, acknowledged that there are challenges ahead. Expectations are changing. Regulations are growing. Funding is stagnant or decreasing. It is all happening rapidly.

Those challenges may bring fear, but courage means going beyond the fear and moving forward. Follow the plan, she said.

Mosaic’s 20/20 strategic plan, and the operational plan to execute it, will help the organization navigate the coming changes and thrive. But it will take strong, focused leaders to make it happen, leaders who know they need to take care of themselves to be good for others.

They need to be reminded, slow your mind, calm your body.

Breathe. It’s a good reminder for all of us.

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