Thank You for Advocating Alongside People With Disabilities

Thank you for your advocacy.

Your voices were heard! 

Mosaic is pleased that the leadership of the US House of Representatives withdrew the American Health Care Act from consideration late this afternoon. This bill would have limited or ended many of the vital services people with intellectual and developmental disabilities depend on each and every day.

It is a victory for people with disabilities, thanks to you.

Thousands of advocates called, emailed, shared and tweeted messages to their representatives, telling them that it was important to protect the services Americans with intellectual disabilities have depended on for decades.

We know your voices made a difference.

Even though the American Health Care Act did not come up for a vote today, the fight for quality services and dignity for the people Mosaic supports is not over. 

We must remain prepared to stand up for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities in the future. We cannot allow the progress they have made in the last five decades to decline.

I am encouraged and filled with hope because so many of you showed support for the people Mosaic serves. Together, we will continue to fight alongside people with disabilities.

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