Well Done, Good and Faithful Servants!

Cindy Schroeder and Rich Carman retire this year after more than 50 years of service to Mosaic. We give thanks for their leadershipLeadership ability is not tied to any one type of personality. That is proven by the two people who were honored by Mosaic yesterday as they retire at the end of this year from long careers dedicated to serving people with disabilities.

Cindy Schroeder is often the smartest person in the room, but you won’t know that until she starts to speak—which she won’t do until she has something valuable to add to the conversation. (She is often the most kind and modest in the room, too.)

In her unassuming way, Cindy has served others at Mosaic for more than 28 years, spending much of her career as our Chief Financial Officer.

Rich Carman, on the other hand, walks into a room and it’s hard not to know he is there. His gregarious style and signature laugh make people gravitate toward him and listen to his stories—and he has many stories to tell, vivid stories about his many adventures.

Diving head first into everything he has tried, Rich has served others at Mosaic for more than 26 years, often as the driving force behind advocacy and international outreach.

They have dramatically different styles, yet both have been incredibly influential in shaping the direction of Mosaic during the past three decades.

“Inspired by faith and guided by the principles of servant leadership,” are the words Linda Timmons, Mosaic President and CEO, used when describing Cindy. She added that Cindy “played a key role in the transformation of Mosaic” from a small organization into one that provide services to thousands of people.

Cindy is as comfortable kneeling on one knee engaging a person in a wheelchair who cannot speak as she is explaining the details of a $250 million budget. She has never forgotten about the people behind the numbers she worked with daily.

Rich is as comfortable talking with senators and governors as he is speaking whatever words he knows in Swahili to natives in Tanzania. Wherever he is and with whomever he speaks, the message carried the same passion for the rights of people with disabilities.

Describing Rich, Linda acknowledged his “tireless advocacy and selfless acts of kindness” that “impacted the lives of thousands of people, many of whom he will never meet personally.”

Congratulations to Cindy and Rich on their retirements. It is a life well-lived when someone can know they made the lives of others better.

But we won’t forget they also made the mission stronger. That’s good for the rest of us who continue this work.


Thank you both so much for all of your wonderful guidance, efforts, and passion for the work that we all get to do everyday! It has been a pleasure to work with both you! You both will be missed very much! All my best to you both!

Thank you Carol!

Cindy and Rich - Congratulations to you both on your perspective retirements! You have provided such faithful service over the years to Bethphage and Mosaic and are most deserving of some time off. I was privileged to have worked with you and enjoy many fond memories of you both - I wish you nothing but the best as you embark on your next life journey. Blessings!

Thanks, Suzane. There are many fond memories of these two.

Thanks Cindy for the great leadership and direction for Ease-e Medical! We appreciate you and your efforts very much! David Levins

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