Why We Do What We Do

On Ash Wednesday, we hear the admonition from Isaiah about what type of fast the Lord desires: “loose the bonds of injustice … set the oppressed free … share with the hungry … shelter the homeless … cover the naked …” the list goes on.

It seems like a good day to share a new video from Mosaic. It is called, “Why We Do What We Do.”

In this short video, you’ll hear employees talk about their “calling” to serve people with disabilities. They share what it means to be able to help others. They talk about patience and persistence – and giving of themselves, getting far more in return.

It is about doing the right thing for people. That’s our mission.

In the history of Mosaic, we have moved doing for people to doing with people. We have moved from charity to justice, helping people with disabilities find their own voice and claiming the rights they have as human beings to be a full part of the community.

Mosaic is a ministry of the church, affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. What we do is God’s work. I am grateful to be a part of it.

I’m also grateful to work with the people in this video.

There’s a backstory to this video. A few months ago, we started filming some videos to use with employees as a way to discuss Mosaic’s vision for the future, called Forward in Faith. But the videos tell such great stories about employees and their work that we’ve decided to share some of them on a wider scale.

Enjoy hearing from our employees about why we at Mosaic do what we do:


Yes, Linda well said. Great job with the video and sharing the stories and success of our amazing staff! They said it perfectly, nicely done and thank you to all the staff, families, individuals, and video-graphers who made this blog video possible.

Thanks Angi! Please share our gratitude with the staff at Mosaic in Delaware who shared with us!

Every one within Mosaic in Delaware, client or staff, are just amazing people! The joy and happiness each and everyone has is nothing short of contagious. We are so very honored to have the opportunity to not only be aware of your organization, but to be neighbors and friends to you all!

Thanks for your kind words Becki! We are honored!

This is such a heartwarming video to see the staff and people Mosaic serves together and sharing exactly what it is that Mosaic does each day! It warms my heart and gives me great joy to see this. Keep being and doing the GOOD in this world.

Thank you Nicole! We are grateful!

Perfect example of "Embracing God's Call to Serve."

Thanks Brenda!

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