World Gratitude Day

 'Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.'  — Cicero

I’ve never been comfortable with someone saying, “You deserve it!” when something good happens. It always feels a bit awkward for me. Much of the good that happens for me comes about because I was born into a good family in a good place at a good time and made relatively sane decisions for my life. (And I’ve always been able to recover from the ones that weren’t so sane!)

My life does not happen in a vacuum of autonomy. My life happens in an interconnected web of humanity.

In some ways, all of life is like being a diner at a restaurant. I make the choice of what I want but there are actions by many other people – both seen and unseen – that make that choice possible.

So, what I deserve may be in question. But what I’m grateful for is not. I’m pretty well grateful for everything!

Today is World Gratitude Day. In the admittedly small amount of research I’ve done into the Day’s origins, it seems to have that kind of hippie, thank-you-mother-earth vibe: be thankful for your existence, for the blue skies, the air you breathe, etc.

So, yes, I’m grateful for the beauty of the world around me, and the fact that I’m even here to appreciate it. But I’m more grateful for the connections and relationships I have that make me see that beauty in new and different ways.

For me, life proves over and over that people are basically good, given the chance.

In my job working for Mosaic, I see so many good people doing so many good things for others. That includes our staff, our donors and the people we serve. The reward is not pay, nor is it pay-back. It is simply showing forth the best of being human: we live in community and everything we do, for good or ill, affects others.

I’m really grateful for the many people who choose to do the good.

I’m really grateful for the many people who have chosen the good in the past and I have somehow benefited, whether I know it or not.

I’m really grateful. Period.

If you are too, make it a pay-it-forward day that where gratitude becomes a verb, not a noun. Do something good. Be grateful you can.

Today is World Gratitude Day. Thank you for reading our blog! 

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