A Bold Mosaic

Mosaic of Bold Lives

What does a bold person look like?

All month long we’ve been talking about the bold lives of the people Mosaic supports for National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

A coworker and I were having a conversation about the word “bold” and I had difficultly describing what bold looks like on a person.

My flip answer was, “I know bold when I see it.”

Bold looks very different for each person Mosaic supports, but they are bold nonetheless: They are confident and determined to pursue what they want, even when others tell them it can’t be done.

Bold took on a new meaning as we worked to protect the vital services that millions of people with intellectual disabilities receive through Medicaid funding. Medicaid funding and support from agencies like Mosaic helps people with intellectual disabilities lead bold lives.

It helps people with disabilities develop bold personalities, like Chris, who has grown in to vibrant, outgoing man. Medicaid helps people like Monnie use his ideas and thoughts to advocate for his rights and the rights of others with disabilities.

It helps people like Vanessa, who worked hard to get a college degree and find a full-time job where she can make a difference in the world. And Medicaid helps people like Saretta share the message that people with disabilities deserve the same respect and opportunities as everyone else.

As we close out National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Month, lift up and support the bold lives people with intellectual disabilities lead.

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