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Randall Donner, Communications Senior Professional

A Christmas Pageant Reimagined

Mosaic is celebrating National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month by sharing stories of connection. Here’s a great one from Amanda Hamilton, Mosaic’s Community Relations Manager in Northern Colorado.

Over the last year, many traditions were set aside due to the safety concerns caused by the pandemic. For many, it started with Easter, and as the months ticked by, more and more traditions had to be set aside in lieu of safety.

For 18 years, Mosaic in Northern Colorado has kicked off the holiday season by hosting a Christmas pageant. This event is open to any who want to participate and is held at a local church. Performers participate in weekly rehearsals for a month leading up to the big day. Many of the same people participate in the pageant every year or attend and support their friends.

As the end of a very difficult year approached, it became clear to Mosaic that there was one tradition we were not willing to skip. During a time when everyone craved normalcy and their old lives, Mosaic went to work to help those we serve participate in a Christmas pageant as safely as possible.
Individuals from across the Northern Colorado agency were able to submit videos of themselves performing, and they were compiled into one. That video was premiered virtually a week before Christmas. Invitations were sent out like every other year, and those who RSVP’d received access to the private, virtual event.

Mosaic in Northern Colorado’s 19th Annual Christmas Pageant was full of a variety of performances, including vocal solos, dance routines, socially distanced duets, and a band performance. There were repeat performers and new ones. The creativity and heart that went into each video captured the spirit of this important tradition.

Because people connected online with their friends, the excitement during the virtual event was the same as all the in-person pageants before it. Those we serve are resilient and will soon be back to their usual lives. This year,
Mosaic in Northern Colorado will continue our tradition of starting the holiday season with performances, fellowship and friends when we host our 20th annual Christmas Pageant.

This last year, the pandemic and the isolation it brought, helped people realize something Mosaic has always known: Connection is important – no matter whether those connections are in person or online.

I appreciate Amanda sharing this story. Not only does it highlight the creative ways Mosaic’s workforce has helped people stay connected through the pandemic, but it also highlights the abilities of the people Mosaic serves. They quickly adapted to new technologies to engage with family members, friends and one another.

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