Employee with a Disability Helps Others Stay Safe

COVID-19 caused a number of people to stay out of the workplace. But not Kayla Roecker, who receives support from Mosaic.

She masked up and gloved up, got the spray bottle of disinfectant in hand, and kept working.

Throughout this pandemic, all of the back and forth regarding face coverings and restrictions and hand washing has left some people confused. But Mosaic’s mission has been clear: help people stay as safe and healthy as possible.

The people we support understand it and know they have a role to play, too, in keeping one another and the community safe. Kayla has worked at a local grocery store for almost four years. She serves in a number of different roles interacting with customers and helping keep things in order. (A Mosaic job coach helped her apply and set up her online interview.) Always social, Kayla enjoys her job because she gets to interact with a lot of people. The friendly fun she has with co-workers is a bonus.

Until COVID-19 hit, Kayla spent all her time working in the store’s dining area. But her work priorities have changed – she now is also responsible to help high-touch surfaces stay disinfected.

Kayla knows the drill to make sure she – and the customers she serves – stay protected from COVID-19.

At the start of her shift, she dons a surgical face mask and two pair of disposable gloves. On days when she helps with cleaning, she also picks up a bottle of disinfectant and a roll of paper towels.

As she wipes down the surfaces that people frequently touch, she also greets customers. They can’t see the smile on her face, but they can hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes as she greets them.

Behind the smile is a desire to keep herself and others COVID-free. Kayla’s sister in Florida, a registered nurse, became sick with the virus. She was off work for two months and it became so serious, her parents drove through the night to get there because they didn’t know if she would make it. Her sister still has lingering effects from the virus. Kayla doesn’t want to see that happen to anyone.

Kayla’s dedication through the pandemic stands out. But she’s not the only person supported by Mosaic who kept working. Others have too – and as they work, they’re setting a good example of taking the needed precautions in this pandemic.

October is National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month. Kayla is just one example of why employers should not overlook people with disabilities. Kayla shows up, works hard, and really likes having a job.

What employer could ask for more?

DSPRW 2020

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