New Home, New Health, New Happiness for Debbie

Relationships – being included in someone else’s life – makes a difference in our overall health. 

Just ask Debbie Hayes and her Mosaic at Home provider Melonie Davis.

Debbie had lived in a group home with six people before moving in with Melonie. Building that one-on-one relationship makes a world of difference.

“It was no one’s fault, but with six people in a home, there was no time to give Debbie what she needed to thrive,” Melonie said. 

Since transitioning to a host home, the change in Debbie’s life has been incredible. 

In the last two years, she has lost more than 60 pounds. She takes 11 fewer medications and is able to move around using a walker instead of a wheelchair. 

Debbie’s life changes are a great example of data recently shared by Mosaic and The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) about the correlation between health and healthy relationships.

When ‘natural supports’ are present (that’s the way we describe active friendships and family relationships) a person is 60 percent less likely to be hospitalized for injury or illness. 

It’s noticing the little things that makes Melonie and Debbie’s relationship special.

Melonie knows when Debbie is happy she cries tears of joy.  She will reassure Debbie that it’s okay to cry when she’s happy by giving her a hug.

When Debbie is upset, Melonie has learned to give her something to fidget with, like a pipe cleaner or a piece of fake fur, to help calm her.  

Debbie now enjoys life, and Melonie considers her part of the family.

“My daughter, Somber, got married this summer and Debbie was one of her bridesmaids,” Melonie said. “She had the most beautiful blue dress to wear. Debbie would show it to everyone who came to the house.”

“It’s incredible to think three years ago Debbie had very few people in her life,” Melonie added. “Now she’s surrounded by people who care deeply about her.”

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