Sherry Bale
Sherry Bale, Communications Professional

Unique Exemplifies Belonging and Grit

Our Community Relations Manager in Delaware, Angi McCloskey, brought to our attention a young woman they serve there who exhibits two of our core values—belonging and grit—each and every day. In fact, she defines them. Her full name is Zyann Unique Tindal, but she likes to be called by her middle name, Unique.

Unique grew up in foster care for a good part of her life. At 20 years-old, she aged out of the system, and her foster parents felt she needed to be placed in an environment where she could one day gain her independence. Because of Mosaic’s favorable reputation, they and the state brought Unique to the organization. That was in June 2020.

“When Unique joined Mosaic, she was shy and reserved,” stated Suzanne Casey, Direct Support Manager and Program Manager. “Then she flourished. She now has this remarkable individuality. She’s very sweet, and she’s an extremely hard worker. As her self-assurance grew—because she knew we were right behind her, encouraging her—she started to enthusiastically articulate her goals to us.”

Unique’s first goal was to graduate from high school. Because of COVID-19, the graduation was virtual. Afterward, wearing her full-regalia cap and gown, Mosaic staff drove her to the school to pick up her diploma and pose for photos (which are on display in her apartment for all to see). She was very proud of herself as were Mosaic staff and her two apartment roommates—so much so, they threw a graduation party with all the trimmings.

As soon as that goal was accomplished, she was on track to the next. She loves children, so you know what happened? She worked tenaciously to find a job working with them. “When she secured a job at Linda’s Angels Daycare, she was simply overjoyed,” noted Suzanne.

Unique loves the job because she works with many children. “I get to give them love and affection. They love me, and I love them.” She also says her colleagues there are like family, and they are “building a community together.” 

Suzanne said Unique’s next goal is to graduate from a program to become a preschool teacher. She’s taking online courses through her employer to earn the degree. “Because of her tenacity, I am absolutely sure she’ll be a preschool teacher very soon.”

“After she finishes a goal, she establishes the next one. It’s clear she has a bright future for whatever she wants and can do,” added Suzanne.

Unique’s advice for others who have dreams and goals? “Keep your heart open. Do the right thing, and think positive. Push yourself to do better. Every single day I thought about I wanted to work with kids—what can I do to get there—and then it happened!”

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