Mosaic Provides Spectrum of Supports for People with Autism

JD liked to run. Cassi frequently bit other children and adults. Both are somewhere along the spectrum of autism disorders. And Mosaic found individual ways to help each.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Mosaic serves many people with autism, a demographic that is growing, largely due to better diagnosis. That’s a good thing: better diagnosis means the people who need help are getting it.

Mosaic works to provide personalized services, finding the unique blend of supports an individual needs. Among people with autism, finding that personalized support is essential. It is called Autism Spectrum Disorder because of the wide range in the type of behaviors and symptoms people with autism experience.

JD loves to be social; he’s a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. But when he came into services at Mosaic, he took off running whenever he could. I can vividly picture staff members in Waco, Texas, chasing after a healthy—and fast—teenager.

But instead of seeing this as a problem, staff members were able to find an alternative that not only affected that behavior, but helped JD find new interests. They approached the junior ROTC in his high school. JD joined, and became a proud member. ROTC helped change his behaviors and today, his running is channeled into Special Olympics and other activities he enjoys.

Cassi’s mom struggled to find a place where her daughter could receive daycare. She was asked to leave several daycares before finding Mosaic’s integrated Redwine Center in San Angelo, Texas. Biting was the way Cassi expressed emotions, whatever the emotions were.

Mosaic’s childcare center is an integrated daycare for children with and without disabilities. And everyone benefits—the center is bursting at the seams and has a waiting list.

The wide spectrum of behaviors associated with autism require a wide spectrum of personalized supports. It challenges Mosaic staff to be creative. But everyone benefits—JD, Cassi and hundreds of others.

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