The Mosaic School in Axtell is the first Certified Autism Center in Nebraska

The Mosaic School in Axtell recently became the first Certified Autism Center in the state of Nebraska. The school joins four other learning and tutoring centers in the country with this designation from The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).

The designation indicates that at least 80 percent of staff have been trained and certified in autism and are committed to ongoing training. Mosaic went a step further; when we earned the designation, 100 percent of staff at the school qualified as certified autism specialists.  

“The Mosaic School is a leader in innovative educational solutions for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said Curtiss Dill, executive director of Mosaic in Axtell. “This designation is another stepping stone we are utilizing to deliver the best services possible for the people we serve.”

“Mosaic’s commitment to serving children with autism and other special needs is second to none,” said Myron Pincomb, IBCCES Board Chairman. “The amount of specialized training and certification required for each staff member really sets them apart from others in the field.”

“As the diagnosis rate and need for services grow, more organizations are looking to obtain certification in this area,” said Meredith Tekin, IBCCES President. “The process requires an additional commitment from staff, as well as the entire organization, so Mosaic is still leading the field when it comes to becoming a designated Certified Autism Center.”

Mosaic believes its partnership with IBCCES will continue.

“This center certification provides a model for other Mosaic agencies that want to build expertise in supporting people on the autism spectrum,” said Nancy Potter, Mental & Behavioral Health Senior Professional and Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Mosaic. “I believe we will see growing interest in this certification from other Mosaic agencies. Axtell has shown what can be accomplished when a team commits to professional growth.”

Under the guidance of Administrator Katherine Maxson, The Mosaic School serves more than 30 students in rural Nebraska, with a 2:1 student to paraprofessional ratio. The school partners with students’ local school districts to provide specialized supports that lead to improved outcomes.

“Many school districts, especially in rural Nebraska, simply do not have the resources available to support students with special needs,” Dill said. “We’re able to forge strong partnerships with home school districts and provide a level of support to each individual student that wasn’t possible before.”

“As a Certified Autism Center, I believe Mosaic, even more so, can be that partner that doesn’t just sit in the background until we are needed, but rather works as a leader in the field to both support the students we have and be a reference for other schools that may be struggling with how to support a student,” Dill continued. “We would love nothing more than to help a school have a positive impact on the life of a student.”

Mosaic’s specialized supports have not gone unnoticed by the families of students at the school.

“Since Tyler has been at Mosaic, his life has blossomed,” said parents Steve and Susan King. “He has come so far in his education, behavior and his ability to interact with people.”

“It was a difficult decision to decide to place Ben at The Mosaic School, but we have no doubts that it has been life-changing for him,” said parents Jeff and Suzi Gregg and Josh and Stacey VanBoening. “In the year Ben has been a student at Mosaic, he has made more gains than all of his previous school years put together.”

With this new designation in hand, The Mosaic School has plans to expand in the near future to serve more students like Tyler and Ben.

“Mosaic is currently working on the initial phase of an expansion to our school that will allow us to serve more students in an updated environment specifically designed with the needs of the students in mind,” Dill said.

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