Linda Timmons
Linda Timmons, President and CEO

Making a Positive Difference for People with Intellectual Disabilities

I’ll warn you upfront, I’m going to do a little bragging about the people who work at Mosaic. It’s kind of like the “My kid is the Student of the Month” bumper stickers you see on proud parents’ cars, except this one says:

“Mosaic employees received excellent marks from families and guardians in a satisfaction survey.”

How excellent?

In our most recent survey, more than 1,200 families ranked our services at a 4.64 out of a possible 5.0 for making a “positive difference” in the lives of the people we serve. Other areas that fared well include overall satisfaction, medical needs met, privacy, rights and safety.

This is good news because, although families and guardians are often our biggest fans, they’re also often our biggest critics. I get that – I’m a parent and I make sure I stay informed about the schools and other places where my children spend time.

In all truth, we want parents and guardians involved with the people we serve. Our mission is a partnership with families and communities all circling around the needs of people to provide the best possible life.

The survey showed that parents and guardians are also aware of the areas where there’s room for improvement. They know the challenges brought by staff turnover and how difficult it is to help people we serve find meaningful employment. The survey feedback affirmed the work we’ve already begun to address those areas.

The results make me happy. We are humans serving other humans, and nothing ever goes perfectly. Yet, where the ‘rubber meets the road’ – making a positive difference for people – we’re getting it right.

So, it’s too wordy for a bumper sticker, but I’m pretty proud.

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