The Heart of Mosaic’s Mission: Direct Support Professionals Week

A few weeks ago I shared the results of our Family Satisfaction Survey, stating my pride in the people who work at Mosaic. Families said that Mosaic works hard to “make a positive difference” in the lives of the people we serve.

This week, we’re recognizing and thanking the group of employees that make that happen every day. September 10-17 is Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week.

There’s an irony in that title. We recognize them for the great work they do, but not often enough. Direct Support Professionals (DSPs for short) are those folks who, every day, protect the health and well-being of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and help the people we support lead the life of their choosing.

We themed this week’s recognition around Heart because DSPs give from the heart. They act as mentors, friends, guides, coaches and teachers. They bring compassion, kindness, creativity, listening, excitement and encouragement. They nurse hurts, celebrate successes, protect dignity, offer opportunities. They laugh with, cry with, sit with, walk with, talk with and just be with the people Mosaic serves.

DSPs are some amazing folks. I am often in awe of their humility – and honored to recognize their work. But, there’s the irony. Most DSPs don’t want you to notice them, they want you to see the people they support.

We’ve launched a Facebook campaign this year to ask people to write a bit about their favorite DSP. We want to hear stories about the impact that DSPs have made on people’s lives. If you know a Mosaic DSP that you’d like to honor in that way, please visit our Facebook page and share. (You might also win a gift card to take a DSP out for coffee and say, ‘thank you.’)

I think you’ll enjoy this short video about one of our DSPs, Hattie. You will see how much she loves her job because she is helping others succeed. Hattie represents the feelings of many Mosaic DSPs.

Please join me in saying “Thank You” to our DSPs. They truly are the heart of our mission.

Click here to change your Facebook profile picture during DSP week to support their important work. 

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