God Nudges Us to Dream, Not to Hide

By Rev. Daniel Forehand, Mosaic Board Member

“Yes.” That’s what I said when I heard that I had been nominated to serve on the Board of Directors at Mosaic. I remember thinking, “I’m just a pastor from northern Indiana. What could I possibly have to offer this amazing organization?”

In that moment, I caught myself red-handed. I was guilty of something that I almost daily push others not to do. I was questioning the gifts and abilities that God had given to me, instead of dreaming of what God could be calling me to.

I’m glad I said, “Yes” to the offer to serve on the Board.

I’ve been serving since July of 2016, and in the almost three years on the Board, I have seen my gifts used in numerous ways, while also seeing the amazing women and men of Mosaic use their gifts to be a blessing to those we serve.

In conversations that I have had with direct support professionals to executive directors at our local agencies, to the great folks who serve in a variety of ways in the national supports office, Mosaic is abundantly blessed with great leaders who have answered God’s call to serve in the world.

Then, there are the people we serve. These extraordinary men and women who paint profound portraits of beauty and grace, of wisdom and understanding, of the Kingdom of God far beyond my wildest imagination.

They, too, have said, “Yes,” to the ways that God has called them. Unlike me, many of them did not need to be nudged to go “all in,” they simply leapt at the opportunity to be part of a community and to share their abundant gifts.

Being on the Board of Mosaic allows me to see things from a different perspective – but it is in those moments of conversation with others that I see myself becoming grounded. Budgets and strategic plans are crucial to the success of the organization, and Mosaic has great people working on that.

But what makes Mosaic unique is the grit and heart that oozes from its core – a grit that says, “We can do this, even when it seems challenging;” and a heart that says, “What we are doing is changing the world.”

So, whether you are a farmer in Kansas, or an executive in Iowa, a pastor in Delaware, or a person living out your passion working at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Indiana, may we all be quicker to dream and slower to hide in fear. We never know when an opportunity will come our way that will change our lives forever. That’s what serving on the Board of Mosaic has done for me. And I look forward to what comes next!

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