Giving Everyone a Chance

Brennan McMillin says he is “just a teddy bear on the inside.” But with the long beard, tattooed arms and mirrored sunglasses, he knows that sometimes people misjudge him.

As a Mosaic at Home provider, he works to make sure that doesn’t happen for the two men he and his wife, Jacqueline, serve.

“You don’t just discount or discredit somebody based on their skill level or based on their looks or what you perceive they might be able to do or not do,” he said. “You give everybody a chance.”

We recorded a long video interview with Brennan and part of it is available here. He said some pretty great things about why being a Mosaic at Home provider (“host homing,” he calls it) is the right fit for him.

Since we needed to keep the video short, we couldn’t share everything and focused on what being a Mosaic at Home provider is like for him.

But he said other good stuff, too.


“We live in a world where we need to look out for each other. If we’re going to succeed as a species, we have to look out for each other, and less about ourselves.”


“Just seeing that pride in individuals when they’re able to do something that they didn’t think they were able to do but now they are able to do it, and knowing that even if they’re not able to do it and they fail, they still have somebody to fall back on that’ll support them, and is there, caring for them … to help them and isn’t going to put them down or discourage them in any way.”


“I believe that other people should be entitled to the same opportunities in life, we shouldn’t discredit people just because of their circumstances or who they are or what they might be able to give back to us. It’s more about lifting other people up.”

Watch the video and you’ll hear more about why Brennan is a Mosaic at Home provider. We’re glad he is part of our mission to provide a life of possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities.

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