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Linda Timmons, President and CEO

Kelly Will Not Be Held Back

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have kept people home, Kelly Brady, who is served by Mosaic, didn’t let it hold her back.  

Kelly used the time to learn to read.

She lives with Sheryl and Steinar Grimstad, who support Kelly through our Mosaic at Home program. Sheryl knew Kelly had a goal to learn to read. When the COVID restrictions hit and Kelly could not participate in her usual activities, Sheryl said, “Kelly, this would be a good time for you to learn how to read.”

They started by using flashcards and learning words. Then Sheryl starting reading books with her. It was a team effort. “I read along with her,” Sheryl said. “I let her read and I’d help her with the words. Proper names and big words were the hardest part.”

By the end of October, Kelly had read 251 books since the start of the pandemic. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? 

A few years ago, we shared a video about Kelly and the Grimstads, who have a special bond.

Sheryl and Steinar had moved into retirement a few years ago. They were not able to have children, but feel a bit like parents now that they care for Kelly. The love between them is evident – even strangers comment on the joy they see in the relationship, Sheryl said. 

“I couldn’t ask for better people,” said Clarence Brady, Kelly’s father. “They’re fabulous people.”

People like Sheryl and Steinar amaze me, too. Like so many of the direct support professionals at Mosaic, they have a lot of love to give. 

“We love Kelly,” Sheryl said, adding that caring for Kelly gives them a purpose.

There is much more to Kelly’s story. The last year has been tough on her. She’s fought cancer, a torn Achilles tendon and a broken elbow. 

But those challenges didn’t hold her back. In addition to learning to read, Kelly has used the time crafting bracelets and potholders, and dabbling in different art forms such as painting.

“She’s got all of her Christmas gifts made,” Sheryl said.

Kelly is also eager – like most of us – to get back out and do things. Although her Special Olympics team isn’t back in play yet, Sheryl and Steinar did take Kelly bowling – when there were very few people at the alley, Sheryl noted. She was so happy to be there, Kelly bowled four games. 

Kelly’s story is a great example of HOPE without measure. At Mosaic, we are grounded in hope, knowing that there is good in the future because of God’s promises.

With her host couple, Kelly was able to turn a difficult time into a time of learning, a time of growing. That is HOPE.

Stories like Kelly’s happen because of the great people who are a part of this mission, including our donors. If you would like to be a part of success stories like this, please put Mosaic on your list of holiday giving. Your gifts help us make beautiful stories like Kelly’s real. 

It’s what we believe in – Real life. Real possibilities.

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