You Can Count On Us

Mosaic is a faith-based organization.

But what does that really mean in our day-to-day?

As President and CEO Linda Timmons noted in a 2016 blog post, “If you ask 10 Mosaic employees what it means, you’d probably receive 10 different answers.”

Our core value of Faithfulness speaks to our legacy and why we do what we do.

We were founded by Lutheran pastors and lay people who felt called to love and serve.

“It is a great work that the Lord has entrusted to me out here and it is worth sacrificing oneself for,” said the Rev. K.G. William Dahl on the founding of Mosaic’s legacy organization, Bethphage.

For some people, their work at Mosaic is part of their personal faith, but Faithfulness gets at something more.

In our day-to-day work, Faithfulness is about loyalty and authenticity. It’s about being steadfast and true.

We’re honest here. We’re people of our word.

What’s more? We match those words with actions. Parents and guardians can feel confident placing their loved ones in our care, because we’re always going to do the right thing, even when no one’s looking.

The people we serve at Mosaic are empowered to live their best life when they have consistent support in their lives.

It’s often those who serve, our direct support professionals, who act as that rock, that consistent anchor providing people the stability and confidence to achieve their goals and dreams.

That’s Faithfulness at work.

Ultimately, Faithfulness is about having faith in one another, having faith in the people we support and being an organization people can count on.

Mosaic’s new core values support our mission and vision, shape our culture and reflect what the organization stands for.

Our values are how we act and behave, together. We will share more about our new values next week.

Learn about our values of Belonging and Connection now.

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