Linda Timmons
Linda Timmons, President and CEO

Hope Beyond Measure: Mosaic’s Impact Report for FY 2020-2021

Every year for the past several decades, Mosaic and our legacy organizations have produced an annual report that is shared with people who are involved with our mission. In addition to sharing stories about the services we offer, the annual report always includes audit financial statements. For some people, annual reports are one way that nonprofit organizations are accountable to the public as we share information that shows we are sustainable and a worthwhile charity.

We have chosen to take a little different approach with our annual report. In fact, we chose to call it an impact report because we believe that behind the financial snapshot lie dozens of stories that depict the impact of our work.

I invite you to take a look at our latest impact report where you can see evidence of the impact of Mosaic’s financial resources on the lives of people.

This impact report covers fiscal years 2020 and 2021. Since the pandemic was ongoing through both of them (and unfortunately now into 2022), we decided to share information about Mosaic’s COVID response and the good things that continued to happen, in spite of the challenges.

I think you’ll enjoy reading about some of what’s been happening here. We are grateful for the many partners who help make this mission come alive.

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