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Mosaic in Connecticut Acquires Two Homes

Starlight Ball

Mosaic’s Connecticut agency recently celebrated the marriage of something old and something new.

Something Old

On Jan. 21, Mosaic in Connecticut celebrated its 20th Annual Starlight Ball, a gala event that brings together more than 200 people served, family members, employees and volunteers for dinner and dancing.

According to Andrea Ferrucci, Vice President of Operations for Mosaic in Connecticut and Delaware, the ball has staying power because people enjoy it.

“It gives people an opportunity to come together, see one another from across the state, get dressed up and have fun,” she said. “It continues year after year because it is enjoyed by everyone who attends.”

The ball had humble beginnings in a church social hall with food cooked by Mosaic employees. It is now held at the Elks Club and catered, complete with menu items to fit everyone’s needs.

Of the approximately 140 people served in Connecticut, nearly two-thirds of them choose to attend the ball, said Nancy Vito, program services director. Many wear their finest gowns and suits, making it a formal affair. The residents of one home even rented a limo.

Something New

The same Starlight Ball was a first-time-ever event for several people who live in two homes that transitioned to Mosaic services on Jan. 2.

Mosaic was chosen to acquire the homes through a competitive process.

“The selection process included family members, and we’re honored that they chose Mosaic,” Ferrucci said.

Perhaps coincidentally, one of the selling points for Mosaic is its staying power. The organization has served in Connecticut since 1989 and is recognized for quality and its focus on personalized services.

“They chose us because of our mission and heritage,” Vito said. “We’ve been around for a good, long time, and we’re going to be here for a good, long time.”

The timing of the transition coincided with a major East Coast blizzard, which, in typical Mosaic fashion, the staff turned into a benefit.

“The transition has gone well,” Ferrucci said. “Thirty-six hours after we took over the programs, we got hit with a blizzard. All of the management and other staff were in the homes and had to stay. It was a great opportunity to get to know people. They had fun.”

The two new homes increase the number of homes Mosaic serves in the state to 27. Mosaic also serves 16 people through host homes and several who are supported in their own apartments.

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