Randall Donner
Randall Donner, Communications Senior Professional

One Mosaic Day Marks Anniversary, Celebrates Growth

July 1 marks 18 years since Mosaic was formed by the coming together of two Nebraska-based organizations—Bethphage and Martin Luther Homes. It is appropriate to celebrate that anniversary, but this year, July 1 also marks the day that Mosaic grows in Connecticut, as the former Vantage Group comes under the Mosaic name.

To the many new people served and their families and guardians, and to the many new employees: Welcome to Mosaic! Vantage has a reputation as a high-quality service provider, and the acquisition opens new opportunities for Mosaic in day supports and autism services. 

Mosaic also celebrates One Mosaic Day on July 1. Last year marked the first One Mosaic Day celebration. It acknowledged how Mosaic, as a national network, responded to the challenges of the pandemic by sharing resources and expertise across the country to support best practices in caring for the people served and our workforce. At the time, Mosaic was present in 10 states, and the pandemic united locations across those states in new ways. (Mosaic has since grown to 13 states with the addition of New England-based Living Innovations in February.)

Now that we see the pandemic retreating, One Mosaic Day is a celebration of Mosaic’s diversity, unity and history.

Diversity – Mosaic serves people with diverse needs across 13 states. While the locations and the people who serve are diverse, we share a common purpose: Mosaic is called to love and serve.

Unity – We are unified as a network (the One Mosaic network), and together we are stronger than any one place could be individually. Resources and expertise are shared in the network between Mosaic locations and between agencies and national supports. 

History – As noted earlier, Mosaic came into existence on July 1, 2003. This year, the organization is 18 years young, but 108 years strong (Bethphage was founded in 1913 and Martin Luther Home in 1925).

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