We are Called to be Bold

It seems that many people in the world (too many, I believe) do not have a WHY for how they spend their days working. At Mosaic, we are blessed to know our WHY – we are called to love and serve.

For that reason, three years ago Mosaic embarked upon a $63 million comprehensive campaign to support the current and future needs of the people we serve. Named Called to be Bold, we held a celebration last week to share the campaign’s successes to date and to enter the wider, public phase of the campaign.

I used the celebration as an opportunity to name and claim the bold actions that happen across the Mosaic network every day – large and small actions that allow each of us to embrace the WHY of Mosaic – we are called to love and serve.

What are those bold actions?

Bold is speaking when fear drives others to remain silent.

We engage every day in advocacy on behalf of people. Those we serve, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, seniors and others with diverse needs, people at the margins who often may not be able to speak up for themselves.

Our advocacy both drives systems change on a regulatory level and drives daily change on a personal level. In the regulatory arena, we are persistent, working with our Mosaic Allied Voices partners to remind funders and others what their job is about – taking care of people’s needs. On a personal level, we make sure people’s voices are listened to and they are respected.

Bold is being humble and assertive at the same time.

As employees, we have a lot of ego about Mosaic – and little ego about ourselves. We work to be the recognized leader, not to brag about ourselves, but to show the services we provide have a meaningful impact on the lives of people. 

Our call to love and serve enables us to humbly share our light while assertively asking others to join us. The whole goal is to ensure people can live a life of dignity and possibilities.

Bold is asking again when “no” is not the right answer.

This humble assertiveness does not mean that the answer to our invitation to join us is always “yes” – but our commitment to those we serve and their families demands that we ask! 

Our mission is too important – thousands of people count on Mosaic – we must ask again and remain steadfast in our convictions 

Bold is believing the status quo can always be improved.

Our founders, The Rev. K.G. William Dahl and the five men who founded Martin Luther Homes, encountered numerous obstacles in the early 1900s, but they believed that the church MUST step forward. On the prairies of Axtell and Sterling, Nebraska, they responded to God’s call and remained faithful in their conviction that the lives of people could be better.

More than 106 years later, we still face challenges as healthcare transforms in a new direction (the whole person approach we’ve used since the beginning). But we know improvement happens one person at a time, and that good enough is not good enough for those we serve and our workforce. So we move boldly forward.

Bold is speaking a vision that others may not be able to see.

Six years ago, we cast a new vision for the future: Mosaic is not a place you go but it is something you are a part of. A linchpin of that vision is Mosaic at Home, which we’ve now grown to serve more than 1,000 people.

Three years ago, we launched a comprehensive campaign, again with a vision for the future. And it, too, has shown success.

Most recently, we’ve shared our strategic roadmap called “Real life. Real possibilities.” It is a vision of transformation, and people are getting excited about what they see.

People get excited when they imagine what’s possible. They get on board. But someone needs to speak the vision, and we do.

Bold is embracing the tension of change that leads to transformation.

Today is a both/and time; we need to seek continuous improvement and secure resources necessary for the future. The driving changes in healthcare will require Mosaic to stand in a place of uncertainty, but still move forward. 

At Mosaic we know we must embrace the tension between what is and what will be, and that a mindset of abundance and actively seeking opportunities will lead to success!

Bold is being resolute and resilient even when unpopular or unwelcome.

We have more than a century’s experience of pushing the boundaries. Our archives are full of stories of obstacles that seemed insurmountable but for the grace of God!

The move to community-based services wasn’t popular everywhere. We’ve faced challenges both from governments and, in some places, the church for our international work.

But we know who we are and what we stand for! Our values – belonging, connection, faithfulness and grit – showcase our commitment. What compels us? People.

Bold is doing all this in the name of the people you support, to create better lives.

Courageous is not a word that I would use to describe myself. But when I close my eyes, I envision people we support standing behind me. I hear them saying, “Ask, I deserve to live a full life.”

They make me bold. They make me courageous.

So do all the partners who stand with me and say people matter! Mosaic’s vision matters!

That’s what our donors say with their gifts. That’s what our volunteers say with their time. That’s what our workforce says with their daily commitment.

We will remain bold as we seek to empower people through the next century because we are called, Called to be Bold!

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